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4 Steps Alkaline Water Ionizer Water Electrolysis Machine
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4 Steps Alkaline Water Ionizer Water Electrolysis Machine


2013 New Product alkaline ionized water machine JM-719


Quick Detail:


Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

7 colors LCD

4 steps 31 levels adjust and control

PH Value:2.8-10.5






Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

1. Auto adjust of the filter life.

2. Alarm massage of flow rate detection and heat senser to prevent excessive usage.

3. Automatic sensing of incoming water pressure and temperature.

4. Smart LOCK keypad prevent kids and olders mistake use 

5. According to different TDS value to automatically adjust the Electrolysis A  mperage,maintained the PH value consistency.

6. PH value from 2.7~10.9.

7. With small activated carbon filter inside which remove lead also have anti-bacterial ability. 

8. RAD Automatic cleaning cycle for the electodes each time when you turn on the  faucet.

Alkaline Ionized Water Machine




Producing Strong Acidic Water


Researchers have found that strong acidic water (when pH level is lower than 3.0) not only can whitening, kill bacteria, but also a substitute for steroids in treatment of skin diseases (such as ectopic dermatitis) and will not bring any side effects after long-term treatment.

Users can now enjoy the advantage of this muti-functional strong acidic water by simply adding salt ingredients inside the top basket.




Filter :


The Miracle Max uses a high efficiency unwoven fiber activated carbon nano filter (filtering materials directly imported from Japan).     Chanson is the only company on the market right now using this new filtering technology.




Advantages of Chanson High Efficiency Unwoven Fiber Activated Carbon Nano Filter:


  1. Chemical free material imported from Japan. This filter not only cleans larger particles and contaminants, but also reduces lead, smaller metal particles, bad molecules, and bacteria in your water. It’s more effective than other activated carbon filters on the market today. 
  2. It has 20 times more absorption volume than the traditional activated carbon filters.
  3. It has 150 times more filter surface absorption than the traditional activated carbon filters. 
  4. It has 10 times more absorption speed than the traditional activated carbon filters.





RAD Self-Clean


  1. Electrodes Cleaning:   The electrodes are important components in your ionizer in order to effectively ionizing to your desired water. The Miracle Max now offers a Radial Action De-calcification (RAD) self-cleaning function. This function automatically eliminates the scale buildups on the electrodes, and always maintains the machine at its max performance. Users are able to customize the RAD cleaning frequency setting between 30 – 80 liters.
  2. Salt/Calcium Container Cleaning:    The RAD is smart enough that it will automatically clean the Salt / Calcium container every time after using strong ACIDIC 3 or ALKALINE 4 water. The system can completely rinse out the left-over salt/calcium inside the container to prevent drinking any unhealthy water.






alkaline ionized water machine has many benefits in the kitchen and even outside in the garden.





Product Name: Electrolysis Water Machine, Water Electrolysis Machine, Alkaline Ionized Water Machine  




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